Collaborative pattern with my grandson, acrylic marker on canvas, digital processing. 2nd artwork of 2023.

"Practice any matter how well or badly, not to get money or fame, but to experience BECOMING. To find out what`s inside you, to make yourself grow..." ~KV

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Meet the women of the @19thamendmentemporium ! Working to bring art, learning, and voting rights! ...

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#REPOST @dyerartscenter In collaboration with RIT/NTID`s Dyer Arts Center, Anthropology of Motherhood @anthropologyofmotherhood, and The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust @culturaltrust is seeking works of art and design focused on Deaf and Disability culture and its synchronicity with the culture of care and maternal feminism. Artists and artist-caregivers of persons who identify as ad/Deaf, d/Disabled, Blind, and Neurodivergent are eligible to submit works in all media and innovative use of materials. Apply here: Apply now! Please be sure to review eligibility, rules, and procedures before applying. The deadline to apply and submit your work is Friday, March 31, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. ET. For more information, contact Fran Flaherty, director of the Dyer Arts Center, at To learn more, #repostandroid #repostw10 ...

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#REPOST @1hoodmedia with @get__repost__app Introducing our 2023 Artivist Academy members! These individuals are elevating the field of arts and activism. Get familiar with these faces, they’re about to take over the world and your timeline! 😉 #repostandroid #repostw10

#REPOST @dyerartscenter with @get__repost__app Insert Missing History Here is a curator`s response to “Shaped by the American Dream, Deaf History through Deaf Art.” This exhibit includes 100 years of artwork from Dyer Arts Center’s collection, loans from private collectors, and recent donations. It attempts to address the “pressure on Deaf Americans to embrace a national identity” and “liberated deaf and hard of hearing people to create art from their experience.” While the exhibit shows a vast collection of acclaimed deaf artists, it is vital to note that Cutapuis aka John Lewis Clarke, a Blackfoot artist from East Glacier, Montana is the only artist of color in this exhibit.

Headlined on the front page of the international art periodical The Art Newspaper, reads: “A whiter shade of protest, a blank sheet becomes a cry for freedom.” The article explains the history of artists to include work that in its simplicity draws, resistance to oppression. From the Untitled white paintings of Robert Ryman in the 1960’s to blank sheets of copy paper in the hands of recent Chinese protestors, blank white paper or walls can, in its purity also imply the absence of…

Fran Flaherty, a noted artist and activist, upon her directorship of Dyer Arts Center, inherited this exhibit and immediately saw the potential to create conversation in the absence of… With three white walls, Flaherty invites visitors to view the exhibit, then contemplate the blankness of the walls and prompts us to insert our missing history. Paper, pencils, push pins, post its and other paraphernalia will be available for visitors to write about how their own experiences are missing from history. “We are inviting people to participate in shaping the American Dream. We want people to write about their experiences and add their statements to the wall.”

Insert Missing History Here will be on view from Feb. 1-28, 2023 in celebration of Black History Month

Dyer Art Center for the Advancement of Deaf Culture is located on the first floor of Lyndon B Johnson Building of RIT/NTID.

Opening reception is scheduled for February 1, 2023 from 3:00 – 5:00 PM. #repostandroid #repostw10

Today would have been my first Lunar New Year greeting as Dyer Arts Center’s Director. I would have talked about how I am the first AAPI director of Dyer Arts Center and how I am looking forward to organizing and curating exhibits at Dyer with more authentic representation of Deaf lived experience. However, on this auspicious day, I have to acknowledge and mourn the lives lost in Monterey Park, CA during a Lunar New Year celebration. Ten people were killed when a gunman open fired at a dance studio where people were celebrating the coming of the Year of the Rabbit.

I have many fond childhood memories of Lunar New Year’s celebration. My mother (the Chinese side of my family) always said do not do anything you don’t want to do for the rest of the year on New Year’s Day. Your attitude and actions on this day will set the tone for the rest of the lunar year. This is why we celebrate to welcome what is to come and set the tone for our year. I have taken that to heart and mainly do not clean house or do laundry that day. I do cook, because I love to cook and as I am writing this, I have a ceramic pot on my stove filled with pork spare ribs and the dough for my bao is still rising from last night, the noodles are waiting to be dressed.

While we must mourn the senseless tragedy of Monterey Park, we must also celebrate life and all that we care for. Celebration reminds us of who we are. Celebrating exalts our traditions and history. We cannot allow the hateful to take that away from us. So while I hold space for mourning today, I also hold space for love and healing. May this year bring us more peace and tolerance.

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone.
Fran Tan-Ledonio Flaherty 楊珮玉
Dyer Arts Center, Director

Image description: a ceramic on a stove with a green lid and black bottom.

Meta`s AI conveniently does not populate some of my posts in friend`s feed. But it populates when i post my pic. So enjoy this pic of be at OpticVoices but please look through my posts or Google the Monterey Park $h00ting. ...

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